EC Charging Technical Specification Single Phase 7kw

Technical Specification – 32A Single-Phase

Max. Charging Capacity per Outlet 7KW (32A, 230V) Current Rating of Charger 64A Single-Phase Charge Type Mode 3 Socket EV-Plug Type 2 Mains Connection 230V 80A Single-Phase 50Hz Supply Overcurrent Protection 40A MCB .png

Physical Specification

Outer Casing
Monocoque shell made from 2.0mm Stainless,Powder Coated Steel

Measurements of Unit
1200 x 300 x 200mm (h x w x d)

Overall Weight
25kgs (Approx)

DDA/ADA Compliant

Vandal Defense
Graffiti Resistant Paint

Designed in Accordance with
IEC 61851(1)(22)