EC Charing

Who we are

EC Charging is one of Europe’s longest established EV charging Manufacturers.

Our products enjoy an international reputation for Quality, Reliability and Innovation.

Our charger’s run on an open source platform, protecting our customers from locked-in proprietary systems.

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Our EV Chargers

Designed Developed & Manufactured in Ireland by
EC Charging.

With a reputation for Quality Reliability and innovation. Chargepoint features include OCPP, Dynamic Load Balancing, DC detection, Trip prevention, remote monitoring, PAYG.

We use only top-quality branded switchgear from prominent manufacturers.

Our EV chargers are instantly recognisable in stylish stainless steel enclosures.


Our Services

Because our install and service engineers are first trained on the assembly line at our Dublin manufacturing & testing facility their knowledge and familiarity of product is absolute.

This ensures our customers receive a competent, knowledgeable and efficient, installation and after sales service.

EC Charging

Mobile Phone Payment

Easy Connect is a simple convenient way to charge for electricity usage.

For the EV driver Easy Connect is a simple convenient and safe, mobile phone app based payment method, with no standing charge or membership fee.

For the charge point owner Easy Connect offers a convenient administrative free method of billing. You simply decide on the payment tariff and Easy Connect handles the rest.

While we recommend the Easy Connect payment method, all our chargers are open source allowing our customers to select the payment provider of their choice.